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Supervisor Logistyki - 14707110707

Zakres zadań: 1. Supervise the reception areas, shipping and warehouses (45%) Analysis throughout the day of the evolution and development of loading and unloading in advance in order to respect the timetable (windows) loading and unloading. Comply with the schedule and plan the planned loading and unloading for the day and reinforce or shift resources and / or materials to streamline the process. Support and clarification in case of doubt with regard to customer requirements, using if it is necessary to logistical protocols signed between the company and the customer. Organization and holding of the annual inventory, giving solution to any errors or doubts surgam during this process with durability about 48 hours. 2. Analysis, distribution and monitoring of loads daily planned (45%) Track and monitor the shipping process loads for the day. Direct contact with the customer following, in order to satisfy the daily customer orders. Contact and visual monitoring the loading dock. Ensure compliance with the targets set by the factory indicators. The analysis of the points that could adversely affect the improvement of developments. 3.Participation in logistics meetings (10%) Meeting daily logistics for analysis of critical materials and references missing. Meeting Improvement Plans with the aim to identify, reduce and manage the various types of warehouses and obsuletas parts. Monitoring the progress of logistics processes and monthly indicators, supporting the information with no movements materials list in the last six months, and comparing with customer requests forecasts for the following three years. Participation in a meeting to analyze ABC file, which is carried out the selection of the 10 most representative references and most significant value of the stock relative to daily customer orders, ensure and support stocks reduction teams in the reliability requirement demanded by customers.

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  • Wykształcenie: kierunkowe
  • Doświadczenie zawodowe: minimum dwuletnie doświadczenie, uprawnienia na wózki widłowe
  • Znajomość języków: angielski - średnio zaawansowany w mowie i w piśmie (B1),
  • Wysokość pensji brutto: 37000,00 CZK
utworzono: 31-07-2018
ostatnia modyfikacja: 31-07-2018
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